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It's tough being me - Diary of a Feline Grrrl Genius

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September 27th, 2010

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11:11 pm - It's tough being me
Long time no write in here. I'm still very much alive, and still the head of this house. I've got a few more gray hairs, but aside from that and the occasional tummy upset, I'm still the same old Ophelia. Having some tummy rumbles today (my butt is really sore!), and it's been waaaaay too hot here (89 degrees plus a black coat = badness), so I've slowed down enough to make an actual Post.

Mama works waaaaaay too much. She comes home tired and used up, so when I have the energy I snuggle her and purr on her to make the ouchies and the grumpies go away. Mamoo has been out of work lately but will probably have a Job soon. Mama says that means she will be able to work less at the Half Moon and can start building her business Right Here. I want that soooo badly!

Rascal is still a silly goof. He annoys me a lot, but I still love the stinker. But I won't admit it. Not even when I let him snuggle me, or when I groom him or sniff his butt to see where he's been. At least he goes outside to play with Jebbie all day, so I have my space to myself inside. And my mamas. I'm glad Rascal has Jebbie, and that they like to play together. They kill mousies and stuff for real. I kill pretend ones.

Velcro went to live with the neighbors. She and I had a standoff last winter, and Jebbie kept trying to make her his queen. She went to live with the Boy Over The Fence who loves her and feeds her a lot. Mama said she saw her recently and that she's really *fat*.

I love cuddling with my mamas, building forts, and visiting with my grandmas and my special friends Macao and Meemoo when they come over. I love family movies and family snuggles. And the movie Matilda. I could watch that over and over all day!

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Date:September 28th, 2010 06:26 am (UTC)
Sweetness, there will always be Mama and Mamoo snuggles and Matilda screenings whenever you want them. Maybe Dr. Ari will have something to help your tummy. It makes me sad when you have a rough day!

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