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Diary of a Feline Grrrl Genius

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February 14th, 2014

03:24 pm - Sad news
This is Ophelia's mother, kineticphoenix. My beautiful baby girl lost her battle with lymphoma on September 30, 2013. She is sorely missed by us all.

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September 27th, 2010

11:11 pm - It's tough being me
Long time no write in here. I'm still very much alive, and still the head of this house. I've got a few more gray hairs, but aside from that and the occasional tummy upset, I'm still the same old Ophelia. Having some tummy rumbles today (my butt is really sore!), and it's been waaaaay too hot here (89 degrees plus a black coat = badness), so I've slowed down enough to make an actual Post.

Mama works waaaaaay too much. She comes home tired and used up, so when I have the energy I snuggle her and purr on her to make the ouchies and the grumpies go away. Mamoo has been out of work lately but will probably have a Job soon. Mama says that means she will be able to work less at the Half Moon and can start building her business Right Here. I want that soooo badly!

Rascal is still a silly goof. He annoys me a lot, but I still love the stinker. But I won't admit it. Not even when I let him snuggle me, or when I groom him or sniff his butt to see where he's been. At least he goes outside to play with Jebbie all day, so I have my space to myself inside. And my mamas. I'm glad Rascal has Jebbie, and that they like to play together. They kill mousies and stuff for real. I kill pretend ones.

Velcro went to live with the neighbors. She and I had a standoff last winter, and Jebbie kept trying to make her his queen. She went to live with the Boy Over The Fence who loves her and feeds her a lot. Mama said she saw her recently and that she's really *fat*.

I love cuddling with my mamas, building forts, and visiting with my grandmas and my special friends Macao and Meemoo when they come over. I love family movies and family snuggles. And the movie Matilda. I could watch that over and over all day!

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February 4th, 2009

11:06 am - An open letter to my Mamoo
For those of you just tuning in, I call my Mama's wife Mamoo.

Dear Mamoo,

It makes me shudder to even contemplate touching the things you consider food. You were dangling this floppy thing over the heater, Mamoo. It was wiggly and wobbly. I thought it was a toy for me. Then you told me it was bacon. That didn't look a thing like the yummy turkey bacon Mama fries up. That stuff smells good and it looks nice and crispy. I want to have some, but Mama won't give it to me on account of my sensitive tummy, so I just have to content myself with the smell.

I had to check out this scientific monster for myself. It doesn't even look right, Mamoo! It smells weird and it's floppy, and I touched it and all I could think of was ewww! You're good at cuddling and being good to Mama, but you just aren't right in the food department.

Maybe I could show you what is good food. I have nearly ten years of experience in knowing what is good and what isn't. Apparently I have to do a lot to educate you.


your Babaloo

Yes, that's really what she calls me. Really. It isn't nearly as saccharine as some of the things Mama calls me.

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January 22nd, 2008

12:30 pm - Hello world!
I know, long time no update. My Alpha Cat duties have kept me busy, and there have been mamas to wrangle. Mama started a new Job last year that makes her stay out of the house all day and come home tired. Mamaloo finished that School thing I posted about last time and is now spending a lot of her time downstairs making a space so she can do her Job from home. I hope Mama follows suit. I don't think this Commuting stuff she does is any good for her.

My good friend Macao visited us for three months at the end of last year, so I was busy being hostess.

I got really sick over Thanksgiving, and my mamas were really scared. They took me to see a doctor, but not my doctor who I really, really like! They explained that they wanted me to get care right away, and we'd see Dr. Ari the next time. I guess Dr. Clark was okay, but he poked me a lot and took out some of my blood plus some other things I just don't want to mention! *shudder* He gave me some tasty new food instead of the kind that was giving me tummyaches, and I had to take pills for *two whole weeks*! I only let Mama do it, and I guilted her for it every chance I got.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now, and I had another checkup last week, this time with my Dr. Ari! He cuddled me through the whole visit, listened to my heart, told me I have pretty teeth, and gave me a manicure and pedicure! My Mamas put me in a crate that was bigger than mine, and with bigger holes to see through (I think it was Oreo's crate, but I'm not sure). I was able to stand up higher in it and see outside. It was really cool!

I saw a great big Car outside the window with this big thing on the back that turned around and around. Mama said it was a cement truck. I really want one! My birthday is May 1st, and I'm going to be nine years old. If you really, really love me, you can get me a cement truck. My Mamas know where to put stuff, so I think they can find room :)
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October 3rd, 2006

06:36 pm - I feel so dirty!
This morning, I was all snuggled up between Mama and Mamaloo in the bed, and I felt so safe and warm and cozy. Mmmmmm! There was also a very warm body with soft fur just below me, so I was hemmed in at all sides with all kinds of snuggly goodness.

Then the clock started screaming and Mamaloo hit it. We all tried to go back to sleep. Then it screamed again and she hit it again. It went off again and both Mama and Mamaloo decided it was time to get up so they wouldn't be late for something called School. I don't know what it is but it makes my mamas grumble about getting up early so it can't be any good. Anyway, Mama nudged me by accident and bumped me into the soft furry snuggly body, who hissed at me.

It was my archnemesis, velcrobutt! I hissed right back at her and hit her, and then she jumped off the bed and ran away so I ran after her so I could hit her some more.

I think I spent about three hours washing myself. Uggghhhh...

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September 22nd, 2006

08:08 pm - Music to their ears?
Long time no update. Seriously, we've added two more felines to the ranks, and with five underlings I'm one busy Alpha. potatokitty and I are still doing great together, as long as he remembers that I'm in charge, and I'm the girlfriend and his alpha, so there. velcrobutt...well, she's another story. She's still challenging me for the Alpha position when she knows I won't budge. Still, I've come to tolerate her...somewhat. *grumble*

Oreo is still the big dumb lummox outside, so he's easy to manage. So is Miss Joanna, since she's shy and doesn't like to interact inside at all. She got trapped inside one day and totally freaked out! Jebbie is young and annoying and like a little kid. He tried to butter me up by calling me Mama in cat language. Hrrrmmmm, I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Mama and Mamaloo (that's what I call Other Mama now 'cause it's easier) got married in June. Yay! I helped Mama make the favors and I helped Mamaloo with programs. It was on a boat with lots of people like Auntie Jo and Uncle Snarky and my grammas and my grampas and all my aunties and uncles! Yes, Auntie Kim, I still include you in those ranks. It'll just be awhile before I forgive you for never visiting!

Mama and Mamaloo have a lovely friend who I call Macao, who has been staying with us from time to time. I adore her! The kitchen always smells great when she's here, and she sings so beautifully. I love singing! I love when Mama and Mamaloo sing, and when they sing with Macao, I am such a happy kitty! Macao practices her opera singing a lot when she's here, and I always run to her feet to listen!

With Macao and Mama practicing songs for different things, I got inspired. It seems that the kitchen acoustics are great for my voice, so I decided to sing too. Mama and Mamaloo were watching that big flashy box with moving pictures in the living room, and they heard me sing and came running. When Mama realized that I was singing, she and Mamaloo giggled.

The nerve! I thought they of all people would appreciate good art...

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September 29th, 2005

12:24 am
Baby velcrobutt is playing with a plastic bag behind the purple velvet couch of doom and Mama and Other Mama are about to take it away from her. I'm doing some transposessory work this week with Baste so my mamas need to give me extra space. I'm burying my face in my toy gorilla from Aunty phoenixrisen and Uncle Snarky redhawke gave me after riseorbleed drenched it in liquid catnip. Aaaaaah

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July 15th, 2005

03:22 pm - Having a mopey day
Why won't the weather person bring more sun to our house? Why? Why? Why? Mama and Other Mama said it's been sunny everywhere else but here, and I'm upset that they couldn't put a lasso around the sun and bring it home.

Last night, velcrobutt peed all over Other Mama's backpack and got a scolding. I came up to Other Mama to see what had happened and I got hissed at. It's not my fault that Velcro and I look so much alike! Other Mama said she was sorry and cuddled me, and that was fine, but I'm still upset that I got hissed at for something that wasn't my fault to begin with. It's just not fair!

So, it's another cloudy day here but I have my Mama and Other Mama all to myself right now, and I've been getting them to cuddle me a lot. At least that's something.
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01:35 am - Well, they've gone and done it...
Rascal and Velcro have livejournals now. I guess I'll do the LJ-appropriate thing and ask you to welcome potatokitty and velcrobutt to Livejournal.

Rascal has some entertaining tales about the world outside. I love hearing his stories about the Big World Out There, and now you'll get to hear them too.

Velcro may have some interesting things to say, but I dare say it won't be nearly as stimulating and thought-provoking as what goes into my journal. Just making a general statement about my superiority, is all.

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June 28th, 2005

12:36 am - Little Sister Blues
Velcro is driving me crazy! She's been peeing on things and stinking up the house with her stupid pheromones, taking away from *my* territory. I have less time with Rascal, I have yet one more cat to share food with, and I can feel how tense Mama and Other Mama are getting because of her actions.

She so needs to be trained in how to act inside a house. I mean, this isn't outside, jeez! About the only time I have peace of mind is when I'm in Mama's arms, so I've been turning on the charm and begging for cuddles. All I have to do is stand at her feet, look up at her with a forlorn expression and say "Mama" in the most endearing tone I can muster, and she's putty and can't refuse me anything. It's one of the things I love about her so.

I've been searching for a box to put Velcro in so that I can mail her to Siberia or something. Any tips on where to get packing materials?
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