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Diary of a Feline Grrrl Genius

your computer...my paws and demented mind...any questions?

Ophelia Raven
1 May
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I am a devastatingly gorgeous, disarmingly cute, and always devious black Abyssinian/Domestic Shorthair mix. I live in a great house in San Francisco with My Mama, kineticphoenix, my Mamoo riseorbleed, my tabby husband potatokitty, and a feral named Jebbie who lives outside. Because of a really bad break in my back right leg when I was 1 1/2, I'm not allowed outside, but that doesn't keep me out of mischief. It takes me a long time to warm up to new humans, especially masculine men. But, if you respect my boundaries and are nice to my mama, you may find a place in my fuzzy heart. You have a better chance with me if you are 1)gay or bi 2)female or at least genderqueer and 3) carrying a similar energy to my mom. I am Queen of the Universe and the Cutest Kitten in the Whole World. Yes, technically I'm a senior citizen now, but it's still my title. Deal with it.
abyssinians, american shorthairs, anti-declawing, assuming slender poses, attention, avocados, bad kitty, balls, bast, bathing, bathtubs, beds, being cute, being held, being in charge, being petted, being petted even more, being petted some more, being spoiled, biting, blankets, brown paper bags, bugs, butterflies, cat food, cat toys, catgrass, catnip, challenges, clean laundry, clean litter boxes, climbing, computer programming, cool tile, creative anarchy, cuddling, cuteness, dangly things, decadence, divination, eating, egypt, energy, evil kitty, exploration and discovery, felines, feminist fairy tales, fish, fluffy blankets, food, getting away with it, giving advice, goddesses, goth cats, green tea ice cream, grooming, head bonks, hedonism, helping, hiding my toys, hiding under blankets, high places, hissing, hogging the bed, hugs, hunting, inopportune moments, insects, invisible playmates, kisses, laps, leather, licking, long hair, long naps, looking cute, love, magic, making demands, massage, mayhem, me, meow, meowing, misbehaving, mom, moodiness, mosquito hawks, napping, naps, nibbling, nonverbal communication, open windows, paganism, paper bags, peek-a-boo, pens, people, petting, playing fetch, pouncing, pretending to sleep, protection, prowling, purring, purrs, rawr, relaxing, ritual, rubbing against people, rusted root, salmon, scratching posts, shedding, shoelaces, silliness, sleep, sleeping, sleeping all day, sneaking up on people, snuggles, snuggling, sofas, stalking, staring contests, stories, stretching, sunshine, superiority, sushi, sweetness, talking, teasing dogs, teeth, the underwear drawer, tormenting qwerty, tripping people, tuna, wadded paper, warm computer monitors, watching movies, weaving between feet, wicca, windowsills, wisdom, witchcraft, witches, world domination, your undivided attention, yummy moments