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Having a mopey day - Diary of a Feline Grrrl Genius

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July 15th, 2005

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03:22 pm - Having a mopey day
Why won't the weather person bring more sun to our house? Why? Why? Why? Mama and Other Mama said it's been sunny everywhere else but here, and I'm upset that they couldn't put a lasso around the sun and bring it home.

Last night, velcrobutt peed all over Other Mama's backpack and got a scolding. I came up to Other Mama to see what had happened and I got hissed at. It's not my fault that Velcro and I look so much alike! Other Mama said she was sorry and cuddled me, and that was fine, but I'm still upset that I got hissed at for something that wasn't my fault to begin with. It's just not fair!

So, it's another cloudy day here but I have my Mama and Other Mama all to myself right now, and I've been getting them to cuddle me a lot. At least that's something.
Current Mood: sadsad

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